Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cats in Crisis

While it's no longer "breaking" news*, it is still Heartbreaking News: The former first Kitty is in dire straights. According to my informants...who shall remain nameless. The First "DemoCat" has cancer. This insidious diagnosis comes hard upon our fellow feline who was dumped after the Clinton's tenure in the White House. Apparently Presidents need pets for PR, but Senators do not. Anyway, the generous Clinton family has encouraged the first feline's current human to pursue the best possible medical care, regardless of the cost. Good for you, Clintons. Way to assuage your guilt.

My feline friends, the turmoil I feel now is great. Socks is a great cat, who just happens to also have "beans" (I do like that term) with very deep pockets. Cat friends, what provisions have your humans made for you, should cat-astrophy strike? Are you willing to let your future be determined by the fickle whims of fate and your humans' current financial status? I belive, that as educated felines, we should do our humans a favor and look into pet health insurance. A little peace of mind can deepen the bond between cats and their food openers.

My "beans" are currently exploring their options. Does anyone have any suggestions for them? Has anyone participated in a good program? I am looking for some solid feedback here, so please, chime in. Yes, you too, you know who you are, you lurker!

Of course the humans weep at the mere thought of any distress on my part, and know that, should they have to endure homelessness to ensure my comfort, they would gladly do so. And they better understand that fact.

Anyway, friends, the government is constantly blathering about affordable healthcare for all, but do they really mean for all? I say, "forget not the Kitties!!!"

Yours Medically,
Jerusalem Jones, D. M. D.

* My humans do not have a TV, so it's not really a surprise that I'm a little behind on current events. No mater, my will shall prevail!


Tuxedo Gang said...

Yes we feel so sorry for Socks and hope he can get some good treatments!
I want you to know that we put your Introduction to the Tuxedo Gang up today!! Thanks for becoming a Member!
Your Tuxie furiends,
Samantha & the TGH Gang

DEBRA said...

We just saw you over at the TGH and thought we would drop in and introduce ourselves. I'm Abby a tuxie manx I have one sisfur who is also a tuxie and then I have a sisfur who is a tabby and two tabby brofurs.
I didn't know about Socks but I am sorry to hear he is not well. We will purr for him and hope for the best.


Riley & Tiki said...

We have pet insurance. We haven't used it for much yet so can't say how good it is yet, but it is there. Mommy paid more for Vincent Who Came Before's vet bills than she did for her car. She is hoping not to have to do that again. It is best to get it while you are young and healthy. Tiki has now been diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which would not have been covered if the diagnosis had been made before insurance. Kesey was already a geezer dog when we got him, so he was too expensive to insure and not many places would insure him at all.

Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

I think Socks died a couple of weeks ago, after the Clintons' had been told, etc. Am I wrong remembering this?? Maybe I should look it up first....

The Crew said...

Hi, Skeezix told everyone about you so we wanted to stop by. Welcome to our cat blogging community.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty
The Crew

Aoise said...

Welcome to the TGH of which I am pwoud to be a member cos I'm a beautiful black and white girlie. Well actually when I'm in the sun, my furs look like a beautiful dark chocolate colour. Ahemm. Enuf of that. My miemwie has pet insurance with TESCO which is a giant supermarket here. Do any of your supermarkets do something similar ? Miewmie pays just under £7 a munf which I reckon is nothing compared to my inestiamable valoo.

Jerusalem Jones said...

Camp S.H.,
As far as I know, Socks still lives. Which is no surprise given his amazing feline resilience. As many know, he has already survived one assassination attempt.

The Crew and Tuxedo Gang,
Many thanks to your welcoming messages. They warm my belly and make me purr, in only the way a power-mad Cattator can.

Congratulations to you for having such a concerned human. In the U.S. several chain pet stores and Veterinary offices offer insurance, but not any supermarkets I am aware of.

I am sure that Socks appreciates all the purrs and belly-scrittchins that other cats send for him.

Riley and Tiki,
It is too bad about your geezer canine companion. I hope that your human does not have to pay more than a car on any of your medical bills. That money could be better spent on catnip, or tuna!