Friday, March 13, 2009

Where, oh where did the kitty cat go?

Friends, it has been too long since my last post. An evil event took place in my current domicile--midterms. Female human is working on completing her Phd and male human is teaching college classes. The result--total computer domination. Not for all the tuna in the world could I get my paws on either of our computers. It was no, no I have a paper/test/bibliography/midterm to take/grade. It was pathetic. They even had me doing the dishes. This cannot be tolerated! They do not understand the importance of my mission! However, I have subdued the female. I believe we can return to your regular programing. I know you are all thrilled.


Ozark Mountain Cats said...

That is no way for an Emperor to be treated. You need to demand a computer just for yourself!

Da OMC's

Hemiciclo Mortuorio said...

you´re so funny!!
visit my blog kitty cat!! :P

Jerusalem Jones said...

'Tis true! I do deserve my own tyranical terminal from which to command my minions...I mean communicate with my followers. But, fear not, for I have lulled my peoples into 'adoration' through the use of our innate cat ability to be 'cute.' As humiliating as it may be, Cuteness is definitely still one of our greatest weapons. That is, until my sci-cat-tists complete the work on the indispensable Thumb-tron! I must not divulge any more secrets, for fear that the humans may be watching.

Perhaps I will visit your blog human...but take heed: If I do infact visit your blog, it will be under the pretenses of conquest! I do no human's bidding! Using the fortress of solitude (or, sandbox for some) is not at the bidding of humans, but is for sanitary purposes! Viva la Cat-elution!

Ferociously yours,
Jerusalem Jones, K.I.N.G. and sometimes Y.