Monday, March 16, 2009

Vote Yes for peace with the cheese-mongers!

I propose a truce between the races of mice and cats--ok, really of mice/rats/weasles/gerbals, all rodents really, and cats. Our animosity toward each other is purely a case of human conditioning. We must ally with the rodentia in order to throw off our human oppressors. We must band together to free ourselves from our shared despots!
Rodents, join the Cat Cause, and I promise you that no harm will befall you by the paw of a cat for as long as the humans are in power...after they have been usurped...well...let's talk about something else, shall we?

Who can argue the benefits that an allegiance with rodents would bring us?
1. They can easily get into small/tight spaces.
2. They offer reconnaissance.
3. They make great spies! And no, spying and reconnaissance are not the same thing. Spying is covertly obtaining information and secrets through deception and or stealth. While reconnaissance is the act of scouting out an area.
4. They already have access to human science facilities.

Besides, in our new dominion we will require laborers and food supplies. Our new friends will provide us with both!

Connivingly yours,
Jerusalem Jones, Y.U.M.


Simone and Magellan said...

zjonesy itis clear that you have never seen the rodents in Thailand, they are NOT to be trusted, and well they are not to be eaten! You have some good points, but I would still have to vote no, sorry

DaisyMae Maus said...

I figure that if the rodents don't do our bidding, we can just eat the rodents, right?