Saturday, January 31, 2009

Viva Le Revolution!

I have been a cat since the beginning of time. In fact, Adam was my favorite pet. Despite this, the Egyptian golden era was really the only one that was worth living. Those Egyptians really understood cats. I also knew King Arthur; I caused the fall of Rome; I witnessed the Bubonic plague; I came over on the Mayflower; I saw the Russian revolution; I was at the beaches of Normandy; and I am alive now. Since nothing monumental is happening, it must be that this is my time. After witnessing countless years of human depravity, I have concluded that you people are not fit to rule yourselves. I have decided that the time for Cat Rule is now. Viva Le Revolution! Join the Meow March!


Anonymous said...

What you feel to be the most superior race?
history says that the race of your slave?
and if you don't feel that you no 1 offender in the world ...
survived a violator of the world ....
no 1 race in the world like a slave race violates
the no 1 in the world
wishes for success!

Jerusalem Jones said...

Your grasp of the English language astounds me (note: astounding is not always a good thing). However, I accept your well wishes, however unnecessary they may be!

Jerusalem Jones, N.B.A.